Scheduled Maintenance

Planned maintenance is the only way to ensure an efficient and safe door and it is now a legal requirement that Industrial Doors are periodically maintained to safeguard the health and safety of all employees and of course, the general public.

Our service program is designed to suit all businesses and their doors. We offer 3, 4, 6 or 12 month inspections depending on the design, usage and age of the door.

Our engineers will overhaul and service including minor adjustments/repairs ensuring our customer have full peace of mind. If any larger faults or concerns are seen, we will advise the steps that need to be taken next and can quote accordingly. No major work will be carried out without your consent meaning no un-expected large bills!!!

We can also provide a detailed report following our maintenance checks if requested. We take into account that auditors and insurance companies wanting to see this is becoming more common so this can be provided upon request.

This Escalator Fire Shutter at W&G's Colchester requires maintenance checks and tests every 3 months which are carried out by our engineers.

Essex Air Ambulance rely on their sliding gates to operate as efficiantly as possible so that they can offer the quick response needed. Our engineers also carry out planned maintenance on them every 3 months to ensure they are in the best condition.